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Ashley and Michael met in college building a house for Habitat for Humanity, and their partnership, love and respect has birthed two beautiful children and Embody.  They are two opposite ends of the same pole, together they learn and teach through their experiences.

Embody has an open floor plan without the separation of individual treatment rooms. Most people are surprised in their first session, because they have never experienced anything like it. The layout empowers you to create sustainable change through practice. When you come to the realization that you are responsible for your own body and overall well-being, it is an empowering moment.












The Yogic Medicine Bag

Michael teaches how to LOVE and ACCEPT yourself with the Four Agreements created by Dr. Don Miguel Ruiz.

  1. Be Impeccable with your Word

  2. Don’t take things personally

  3. Don’t make assumptions

  4. Do your Best

Michael through the last 16 years of practice of the Four Agreements used various Yogic tools to build awareness and Intent to love, forgive and accept himself.

Awareness is the capacity to see yourself and Intent is Life, the fuel of love and acceptance.

Mama Gaya, a beloved teacher of Michael’s, shared the Truth that everything in our life is a mirror of our own Mind. So, if there is something you are unhappy about, you have to take complete responsibility to change it. You have to love and forgive yourself.

By using Japa, Chanting, Movement, Mirror Work and Candle practices, Michael helps his apprentices come to their own Truth and Realizations within themselves. You are the Temple, the answers come within.

The Yogic Medicine Bag, contains tools to help you embody the love within yourself.



Teacher: Michael Nardi


Ashley teaches how to become strong, stable and confident within your body. Learn practices to gain greater mobility and stability in your joints allowing you to gain a greater movement capacity within your day.  Sessions consist of spinal mobility, balance, coordination, floor work, hanging, squatting and joint solidifying movements. 

Teacher: Ashley Nardi

Physical Therapy

Session will include coordination, pre-hab, rehab, mobility, stability, balance and strengthening exercises to address your injury and your whole body system.  Ashley uses movement, loaded progressive stretching, neuromusculature re-education and movement patterns required to be a human, including squatting, hanging, crawling and swivels.  Tissues respond to the stimulus they are provided with; meaning that if tissues are provided with nourishing movements in the appropriate dosage and intensity, they adapt and become stronger, creating a more mobile and more functional body.  If they are provided with immobility, a fear of movement and compensatory methods of movement, the body will become weaker, less mobile and less functional.  

Practitioner: Ashley Nardi






















$110 per 45 min session  

Ashley does accept insurance for PT sessions. 



258 A Street Suite 17 Ashland OR 97520

541-891-1423 (phone) 877-466-2593 (fax)

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Office Policies

Embody is an OPEN FLOOR PLAN shared with the collective goal of enhancing and embodying one's self.  It includes a group of clientele that will be sharing the space and who are inspired and motivated to learn tools to improve their mind, body and spirit through exercises/movement during Movement , Physical Therapy, and Yogic Medicine Bag sessions. These policies allow the space to flow with respect for others. 

  • Come In, Take off your shoes. Place shoes & personal items into cubby.

  • Do NOT wear perfume or strong scents during your session.

  • Do NOT bring pets into the space.

  • Children are NOT allowed into the gym area. Infants/Babies in car seat are allowed in gym area.

  • Absolutely NO judgment on others: if comments are made about others- you will be asked to leave

  • Insurance Benefits: It is your responsibility to know your own insurance benefits (including deductible, copay/co-insurance amounts, prescription requirements, authorization requirements and visit limitations). As a courtesy Embody will check your insurance eligibility, however it is your responsibility to verify eligibility.

Phone Calls

  • Will be returned within 24-48 hours

Cancellation/Reschedule/No Show 

  • 24 hr business day notice is required. There is a $50 cancellation/No Show fee for Movement, Physical Therapy, and Yogic Medicine Bag sessions if cancelled within 24 hrs. If you need to cancel your Monday appointment, you have to do so by Friday at 12pm before the weekend. All cancellations made after 12pm on Friday afternoon for the following Monday will accrue $50 cancellation fee.